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On December 21st, 2018 Fiore Stone started its annual Holiday Break in Corona, California and embarked on an unprecedented move of the entire production facility to this 50,000 SF. building with an additional 2 Acres of land for expansion in North Las Vegas, Nevada.

The building has been divided up in roughly 3 sections with about 12,500 SF on the South-side (left-side in picture) dedicated to production and detailing, effectively making products ready for inventory. In this production area we have ready and warehouse approximately 2,500 molds for nearly 1,000 different parts and pieces.

Our Horizontal Shaft Cement Mixer, centrally located in this production area, is completely automated and pre-programmed to mix sand, rock, water, and cement for a perfect 1/2 yard of concrete every time.

On average Fiore Stone produces nearly 30,000 Lbs. of decorative concrete pieces daily.

We did mention nearly 2,500 molds (right?) because among a few of them here and in the middle of the picture above, you'll find our 55,000 Lbs. cement silo. That's good for about 140 batches of concrete for those of you who are keeping count.

On the right-hand-side, about 25,000 SF (1/2 of the total SF) located in the middle of the building, is dedicated to inventory. Fiore Stone strives to have at least four of "everything" on hand at all time but in order to fill demand, for our most popular products, we're required to inventory much more in order to keep up with seasonal demand.

We have a fair amount of outdoor space on both sides of the building as well!

That small black square in the middle of the picture on the left is looking all the way back to "production," some 375 feet thru Inventory from our "finishing" department.

Located on the North-end of the building two new state-of-the-art spray booths have been installed to apply the custom-to-order base and antique finishes.

Although the first 125 feet on the South-end of the building are important to make sure the products are available to be staged over here, these last 125 Feet on the North-end are critical to fulfill our orders. Products are pulled and staged by color so all the base finishes can be applied across a batch of orders and pieces receive their antique faux finish which are meticulously wiped by hand.

Once ready, each piece is subsequently staged "by order" so it can be fanatically packaged for shipment.

As you've been able to see, our move is complete and Fiore Stone has received a tremendous "upgrade" with our facility in Las Vegas, Nevada.

We're ready for this season to get underway! Make YOUR move and Contact Us Today!

Fiore Stone thanks the Norcal Landscape & Nursery Show Awards Committee!
As posted on Facebook the day of the show, Fiore Stone is proud of its recognition for Outstanding Booth by the Committee and we recognize all the other exhibitors for participating in this exceptional event hosted by the cangc and CLCA.

Visit norcaltradeshow.org for more information about this event.

Visit cangc.org
for more information about the California Association of Nurseries and Garden Centers.

Visit clca.org
for more information about the California Landscape Contractors Association.

And be sure to visit, "like" and possitively review our Facebook Page

Fiore Stone will be closed for the Holidays from December 19th thru January 3rd to observe Christmas and New Year’s, inventory, equipment maintenance and some well-deserved R & R.

We wish our dealers, customers and vendors the happiest of Holidays and a prosperous New Year.

We look forward to another successful year in 2017!

Fiore Stone shares our state’s concern and need to conserve our valuable water resources.

Fiore Stone offers some excellent products that can help reduce consumption by maintaining existing water with Fiore Stone Water Clarifier and Fountain Block.

Water is essential for our gardens biodiversity and without question, critters like butterflies, birds and other fauna need a source for clean water. Water features recycle water and as local municipalities place restrictions on their use, the need to treat water seriously becomes more important than ever. Fiore Stone Water Clarifier is great at keeping water clear up-to ambient temperatures of around 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Water Clarifier is available in an 8 oz. bottle and requires only two drops per gallon every two to three weeks. When temperatures exceed 90 degrees or when existing water turns murky, we highly recommend supplementing the water treatment with Fountain Block. Available in a two- or six-pack, when placed near the pump, this tablet will immediately keep water clear for up to 3 to 4 weeks.

Both products are eco-friendly and safe for pets and wildlife when used as directed. Plus, not only do you help conserve, you will prolong the beauty and attractiveness of your water feature for the human inhabitants of your garden as well.

Fiore Stone is now mobile!
Simply direct your mobile or tablet browser to fiorestone.com Browse categories, search by keyword or stock number, view colors and even download assembly instructions in clear view and with a swipe of your finger!

There is of course also a dealer locator so you can connect with your local and active source for quality cast-stone fountains and statuary!

Fiore Stone has just released its first supplement bringing into catalog all the products released since the introduction of the Wholesale Dealer Catalog in August of 2011.
Featuring over 60 new products, this 26 page production introduces the new 2310 Fiore Pond revolutionizing installations and durability of large eight foot basin style fountain, eight Petite Fountains with an attractive price point, one Stonehenge and Cylinder Rain Series fountain collection, Modern Planters and a must have water treatment product in Fiore Stone Water Clarifier

E-mail us today and we'll mail you a copy!

Last night’s premier of the new DIY Network’s Garden Makeover Show “Extra Yardage” hosted by Billy Derian featured the components of a 262-F46 Small Espana Fountain in the recently released 3207 Square Basin, which measures 48” and part of the 2006-F Chalice Fountain. This stunning combination of round Espana Bowls in a Square Basin, all finished in New Brownstone is unique and a true testament of the versatility of the Al’s Garden Art product line. Billy, who is a hands-on landscape designer and builder with an eye for big-time transformations, sourced this fountain for the first episode of Extra Yardage called Tuscan Transformation, which aired on the DIY Network.

From classical to contemporary and in between Al's Garden Art once again introduces a collection of fountains truly recognizable as manufactured by the leaders in concrete garden decor. Take the elegant lines of the Santiago and San Vincente Urns which draw inspiration and style across oceans afar or the enduring royal legacy of the Fleur de lis used by architects and designers in a wide range of contexts. These 12 new styles released this spring and summer fit design plans in both contemporary and traditional in- or outdoor rooms with size variety to match any budget.

2010 Supplement
(available now)

For more details about this program please contact your Sales Representative or Contact US
ACE, MNGC, NNBA, TRUEVALUE and UGC are Registered Trademarks of their respective organizations.

The center piece of the award winning Al’s Garden Art booth at the Western Garden Market in Las Vegas, NV last September (20-21) featured the first of a series of 7 Estate sized fountains. This, the Horse Fountain, is part of the Bracci collection which will become available to select dealers January 2007. The Horse Fountain, measures 12 foot tall inside a 12’ or 16' diameter custom built basin. With the Bracci Collection Al’s Garden Art will tailor to the elite in fountain consumers and offer dealers a variety of value added options hardware options. Look for more details on the Bracci Collection in the Buyers Guide.

Fiore Stone is proud to congratulate representative's Randy and Chris Schroeder whose creativity and hard work were recognized by the judges of the 2013 “FNGLA Landscape Show” for best 10' x 10' Booth.

This husband and wife team has represented the Al's Garden Art brand in Florida, Southern Georgia and Southern Alabama for nearly two decades and Fiore Stone is grateful for the relationships they maintain with our dealers. Thanks to all who visited and for a job well done!

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